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The Future of Pharma Forecasting

Overcome the challenges you face with Traditional Forecasting Tools
Spend less time and Resources on creating and managing Forecasts and Spend more time on Analysis and Decision Making


Centralized Forecasting Ecosystem

All types of Forecasting methodologies at a single place. Intuitive, flexible to make changes and customize. Visual, interactive and out-of-the-box excel, ppt integrations.

Easy Collaboration & Workflow

All stakeholders- forecasters (local, regional, global), finance, marketers work on the same platform. Manage workflow, reference documents and comments. 100% transparency in assumption building and collaboration.

Strategic Value & Time Saving

Automation saves 20%-30% time in creating & managing Forecasts. 90% reduction in translating models changes to different markets. Drastically reduce LRFP cycles and Forecast aggregrations.

Integrated Data Environment

Connect to different data sources and pull info such as epidemiology, pricing, and exchange rates. Pull actuals data and calibrate the forecasts accordingly. Integrate with other functions such as finance and supply chain.

Interactive Reporting

Compare forecasts, run scenarios, create pivots to analyze and visualize data. View outputs at an individual forecast level or at aggregate level. Perform scenario analysis and simulation to enable better decision making

Maintain High Quality

Maintain a standardized forecasting process to minimize errors. Improved efficiency of creating and managing forecasts. Easily handle mutliple versions and scenarios of forecasts.


Workflow, Comments & References, Share

Share forecasts with colleagues and collaborate. Create workflows and maintain traceability of assumption changes. Attach comments and references for transparency.

Comprehensive Market Share Dynamics

Create and model market events such and competitor entry, generic erosion. Handle new product launch scenarios. Define peak share using uptake curves or use attribute analysis for accurate share inputs.

Multiple SKU and DOT Considerations

Create forecasts at different SKU level. Model patient duration of therapy using multiple approach such as average DOT, persistency.

Quick and Flexible Reporting

Aggregate, compare and create custom reports. Roll-up forecasts at geography, indication brand etc level. Run analysis using patient funnel, waterfall chart, & tornado charts.

Transparent Excel Audits

Export forecasts to excels with formulas built in. Utilize both the benefits of excel and cloud based environment in one place. Seamlessly manage exports to excel and PPT.

Easy Reuse, Modification and Scale-up

Modify forecast parameters such as forecast horizon, geography, new brands with ease. Modify forecast structure, explore new segments as and when data becomes available. Copy and create new versions with the click of a button.



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